Piotr Moczurad

Member of the Luna team, Haskell developer

Haskell developer in the Luna language team, changing the way people think about software development. Always a functional programming enthusiast, especially Scala and Haskell. As to my academic career: just got my MSc in Computer Science from AGH University of Science and Technology, now I am a doctoral candidate there, working on seamlessly integrating serverless architecture with visual and functional programming.

The presentation is a tour of the Luna language and a showcase of a novel approach to functional programming. We demonstrate how purely functional programming can be undertaken visually and how it is conveniently representable in the form of a computation graph. We discuss our approach towards effectful computations and an implementation of lazy semantics focused on being easily comprehensible and intuitive. We present the challenges and lessons learnt while implementing the whole Luna ecosystem in Haskell.

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