Jonas Winje

A human

Jonas is a developer and construKction worker at Computas, with an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oslo. Codes in new-old languages like Java and Smalltalk at work. Plays with lambdas and programming languages outside of. Almost organizes a lambda-almost-meetup sometimes. Wants to have a goat and a maybe donkey. Donkeys are like small horse-rabbits.

After our Lambda Days 2017 talk we saw that, in order to best meet customer demands, we needed a lambda calculus evaluator for the browser that could be embedded in our "Llama the Ultimate" web pages.

So, if you're a reasonably functional programmer, can you stay mostly within familiar-looking languages, like PureScript and Racket, and get by and make something that is web page, interactive, and not fully broken? Even if you legit don't know how to web develop and JavaScript looks a bit scary to you?

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