Fernando Mendes

Professional Coffee-Code Trader

Mendes exchanges coffee for code. He has a background in Distributed Systems and Cryptography, having won multiple national awards for academic excellence. He also does a lot of volunteering, being the founder of #include <braga> and the champion of CoderDojo Braga. '); DROP TABLE speakers; --

What happens when you don't like centralized things? You do P2P! I created a distributed smart office using Elixir that runs in a single P2P network. I will use the office as an example and teach you how different the reasoning between a web-like centralised context and a P2P distributed system is. We will go from simple P2P topologies (gossip, trees) to more complex ones (Gnutella2, HyParView, Plumtrees) and their problems and take a look at what CRDTs are and how awesome they can be for shared data.

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