Evelina Gabasova

Interested in all things machine learning

Evelina is a data scientist, machine learning researcher, and an avid conference speaker.

Currently she does most of her programming in R and F#, and she got awarded the Microsoft MVP award for her work in the F# community. She originally started as a programmer but got interested in machine learning early on and did a mathematics PhD at the University of Cambridge, developing new machine learning methods to analyze complex biomedical datasets.

After that she worked on data analysis in cancer research and now she’s joining the Alan Turing Institute as a data scientist.

Machine learning is sneaking into everything, even into functional programming languages! Probabilistic programming integrates standard programming with probabilistic machine learning - and allows people to write probabilistic models without having to care about how they are evaluated and all the mathematical details underneath. In the talk, I'll show you what is probabilistic programming about and how it works - and why you don't need a PhD in statistics to write a Bayesian machine learning model.
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