Devon Estes

Maintainer of Benchee & Elixir track on

Devon is an independent software development consultant specializing in Elixir and Erlang applications. He has helped companies large and small in Europe and the United States benefit from the power of the BEAM. He is also a writer, international conference speaker, and committed supporter of open source software as a maintainer of Benchee and the Elixir track on, as well as a frequent contributor to Elixir.

Small-world networks are a phenomenon that can be found throughout the natural world, from the brains of nematodes to the social graphs of Facebook and Twitter. These networks exist in our code as well, and choosing to model our systems as small-world networks yields significant benefits for the comprehensibility and sustainability of our code. Come learn just what these small-world networks are, how we can spot them in our code, and why they’re good for us to consider for our application design.

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