Claudia Doppioslash

Functional Programmer at Stritzinger GmbH

Claudia Doppioslash is a Functional Programmer and a gamedev. After having learned many languages, she ended up thinking that we've barely scratched the surface of the programming language design space. These days she's exploring what FP can do for industrial control systems frontends, using Erlang, and Purescript.

We present a GRiSP home automation project written in Erlang and JavaScript/D3.
It is one of many potential applications for GRiSP platform, a bare metal board supporting Erlang and Elixir.
Together with sensors and actuators useful for smart homes, a proof-of-concept home automation hub is built.
We demo the project, show how we implemented it on GRiSP, how to connect to sensors and visualize data coming from sensors through D3 and JavaScript from a web interface.

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