Wiesław Bartkowski

Interaction designer & complex systems researcher

Wiesław operates on the border of computer science, social science and design. Head of CreativeCoding.pl postgraduate studies at the School of Form. Research assistant and lecturer at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and at Warsaw University. For over 22 years with passion he is sharing programing skills especially with people who not believe they can code. He used to call code a new kind of material for designers. The field of his scientific interest are complex system and HCI (human computer interaction). He does research using computer simulation and analyses socio-technical systems. He has conducted research, among others, in the EU programme “Future and emerging technologies”. He has created tools used in the UN and West Point. Wiesław loves to work with artists. His scientific visualizations and interactive installations have been presented, among others, in MSN and CSW (modern art galleries in Warsaw), Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Zachęta Gallery and Teatr Nowy.


Computing power embodied in everyday objects, in private and public spaces. What opportunities do the designers have connection bits and atoms. It’s obvious they no longer have to design only for a screens. Intelligent objects, things that respond to motion, light, sound, touch, warmth. Such objects can bodily exists in the environment as we do. They provoke to certain actions, change human behaviour, are natural in use, harmoniously embedded in our environment and adjusted to our needs. They become kind of social actor. Such world is closer than we think. I will talk about cognitive role of our bodies and about the importance of social context. I will show how designers and artists can be involved in the process of designing this reality using creative coding approach.

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