Vincenzo Chianese

Bugs Introducer

Vincenzo Chianese is an Italian Software Developer focused on WebAPIs and User Interfaces. He has been working for the last years in API Companies such as Apiary, Oracle, LunchBadger, Stoplight; currently he is working for SentinelOne where he's battling to have better APIs and authored some opensource tools in the market (Prism, Express Gateway).

As of today, we have multiple ways to handle the concurrency in Javascript: callbacks, Promises, co-generators, async await keywords, reactive streams, you name it.

As our codebase is evolving, multiple solutions might have been employed at the same time. What if we could tame all these in a single abstraction?

Inspired by, I’ll show you the concept of CSP channels, showing you the benefits of a single solution, practical usages as well eventual pain points you might encounter during their usage.

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