Rob Martin

Functional programmer, manager, and trainer

Rob Martin is an architect, functional programmer, trainer, writer, and VP Engineering for Big Squid, a big data software and consulting company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His professional work includes a focus on building teams of functional programmers, transitioning teams to functional programming, teaching and working with juniors and interns, mob programming, and simple, demonstrably correct code. Rob lives in Salt Lake City and travels all over to speak at conferences and lead workshops.

He can be found online at, or version2beta on Twitter, GitHub, and almost everywhere else.

Architecture is something we usually get for free from our web frameworks, and then struggle with as we try to keep servers standing when our projects succeed. There's a reason for this: the vast majority of our frameworks are based on patterns that worked in 2007 but don't match today's need for highly reliable, highly scalable applications. That's My Monkey explores an architecture based on domain driven design, event stores, distributed databases, message queues, and functional programming principles; then looks at how this architecture affects workflow, design, and the value delivered to the user and the business.

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