Daniel Rubio Bonilla

Researcher at HLRS

Daniel Rubio Bonilla graduated in Engineering and Computer Science in the Technical University of Madrid and Universität Stuttgart.
Since then he has been working as a researcher at HLRS (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart) specializing in Operating Systems and the design of new high-concurrency programming models and languages for HPC (High Performance Computing).

In recent years efforts have been made to introduce but fall short to address High Performance Computing (HPC) applicability. In this talk we will present how to introduce functional semantics to procedural code used in HPC to improve programmability and allow compilers to perform aggressive code transformations that lead to better portability and increased performance. It will be discussed what functional semantics are needed to bring benefits to the programmability, maintainability and performance to HPC and how to make it exploitable by compilers and tools to achieve the previously mentioned objectives.

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