Brian L. Troutwine

Historical Engineer and Critical Systems

Brian L. Troutwine is a software engineer with a focus on fault tolerance and critical systems. He is interested in spaceflight as an lens into the push and pull of politics on technological development. That, in addition to an abiding interest in technological systems that go disastrously wrong on failure. He is an engineer on the Infrastructure team at Postmates.

I would like to consider the environment in which software is constructed. I want to reflect generally on two questions that concern software development in industry:

1. How do we make software that makes money?
2. How do we make software of quality?

There is a tension here, in which tradeoffs in one reflect in the other and a dynamic balance between risk and profit and craft is played out. In this talk we will explore how this tension can be relaxed, by what methods our work can be improved and a virtuous cycle of improvement established.

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