Norbert Wójtowicz

Software Developer at Base CRM

Norbert Wójtowicz is a developer at Base CRM, whose magic 8-ball predicts that Clojure and ClojureScript will be in your future toolbox. You can find his code and ramblings in various corners of the internet, under the felicitous handle @pithyless.

The functional programming paradigm has upheaved web development. The modern backend is a cloud of lambdas, connected via queues, peppered with domain rule engines, and sprinkled with consistency guarantees and pixie dust. The web frontend is also on solid ground, having finally acknowledged that managing the DOM sucks and it should be the computer's job, not yours, to keep it in sync. The wild frontier is data. The data that models events, facts, and conclusions in your domain, and how they apply to your users. We have not yet mastered data modeling, and I would surmise that it is the root-cause of many project failures and costly refactors.

This talk is an introduction to modeling business data in web applications. Together, we will explore how existing popular solutions model data, why they fail, and how we could do better with surprisingly little effort. The slides may include parentheses, given my predilection for ClojureScript, but the conclusions are broad and applicable to many.

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