Artur Skowroński

Software Developer at SmartRecruiters

Developer with heart cracked between JS and JVM stacks (with more mature relationship and advanced marriage plans with JVM) and growning love to functional programming paradigm and languages.

Actually, zeroing unemployment in SmartRecruiters, Krakow/SF company developing software for Recruitment Companies. Contrary to popular belief (and name...), we are not the HR company ourselves - I promise that I won’t try outsource you to anybody after presentation :)

You are working in the Java software house, with well defined processes and standards. Still, you are eager to introduce something new, shiny, different to your stale stack. Maybe Clojure? As we will still stay on JVM, what can go wrong? Spoiler: there are many problems ahead of you. I would like to presents some lessons learned from process of marrying the Clojure with the pure Java EE microservice environment and some suggestion how to fight with obstacles.

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