Andrea Magnorsky

Developer and co-founder (BatCat Games)

I ended up as a Software Developer, I am pretty sure there was no other viable option. My current technical interests are F#, games, programming languages and philosophy of computing .

I really enjoy finding different ways to write code, sometimes for performance, other times for succinctness, sometimes, just because you can, there is no better way to learn than trying.

When I am not working I tend to play with other languages or cats

Conferences and meetups are a great way to learn more, so I try to help when I can to make them happen. For that reason I co-organise Functional Kats and GameCraft. I also speak at local and international conferences like CodeMesh, Progressive.Net, ProgF#, Lambda Days and many more.

Why do programming languages look the way they do today? How did it all started? In this talk we will go over a brief history of programming languages, from the very early days. We will go overIncluding greatest hits from Hilbert, Turing, Church, Hopper and more.

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