Norbert Wójtowicz

Software Developer at Base CRM

Norbert Wójtowicz is a developer at Base CRM, whose magic 8-ball predicts that Clojure and ClojureScript will be in your future toolbox. You can find his code and ramblings in various corners of the internet, under the felicitous handle @pithyless.

Over the last few years, there has been a stronger emphasis on functional programming languages and constructs in mainstream programming. The rise of FP popularity is not due to concurrency (although still valid), but the recognition that minimizing side-effects yields to smaller code that is easier to test and reason about. ClojureScript finally brings that perspective to the front-end world.

This talk is an introduction to a different kind of front-end development. Together, we will explore how ClojureScript helps accelerate front-end development and how to avoid the most common pitfalls; a molotov cocktail of information and pizazz to put you on the fast-track towards web development nirvana.

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