Noel Markham

Senior developer at ITV in London

Noel Markham started out as a Java developer in finance, before moving to functional programming in startups for both games and social media. He is currently creating microservices using Scala for ITV, a national TV broadcaster in the UK.

One of the challenges of using a functional language, particularly when coming from an imperative one is how to work with an immutable, fully typed language, and make the most of those features.

This talk aims to highlight some useful approaches and patterns to create modular, easily testable applications in Scala by building a small, toy application from scratch covering:
  * Scalaz’s Reader and ReaderT monads
  * Abstraction over monads, and why this is useful
  * Using the ScalaCheck library with non-trivial code
  * An alternative, fully type-safe approach to creating application configuration

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