Michał Ślaski

Captain Erlang

Michał Ślaski started programming in Erlang at the AGH - University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, when working on his Masters prototyping massively multiplayer online games. After graduating, he joined Erlang Solutions on key projects around the world. He is currently heading Erlang Solutions' new Krakow office in Poland, keeping the Erlang flag up high.

In this talk we will discuss designing systems on Erlang VM. One of the reasons why the Erlang and Elixir languages attract attention of developers, is that they have to solve certain type of problems arising in concurrent systems.

We will take a look at the real tools Erlang VM gives you to write highly-available systems that let you sleep through the night: dynamic tracing and remote REPL.

We'll see how these tools are used.

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