Michael Nitschinger

Software Engineer at Couchbase, Inc.

Michael is a engineer at Couchbase, Inc. He is the maintainer of the Couchbase Java SDK where he built the one of the first fully reactive database drivers. He is also responsible for framework integration like Spring-Data-Couchbase.

He is very active in the open source community, a core member of the Netty project, and also contributing to various other projects like RxJava. He is interested in everything related to databases, distributed systems and reactive applications. He speaks regularly at conferences or meetups and you can find his blog at nitschinger.at, or ping him through twitter with @daschl.

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"" - the US marines certainly know how to deal with the unexpected. Building resilient distributed applications is not an easy task and you better prepare for failure during development. In this talk you will learn how to build event-driven applications that are resilient from the bottom up, allowing you to deal with remote services that are failing, slow or misbehaving. Even if you are just consuming data from a database over the network, this talk is for you.

The talk introduces different stability patterns and showcases them with real code, utilizing the fantastic RxJava and Hystrix libraries. Finally, you will see a resilient application in action, performing thousands of queries against a Couchbase Server 3.0 cluster while withstanding node failures and latency spikes.

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