Kuba Waliński


Kuba developed his passion for computing at an early age, playing Tetris and Civilization on the family's PC. He started coding in middle school, when he got his hands on a copy of Visual Studio and started playing with VB6. Then he went on discovering other programming languages: Pascal, C, C++, Java, PHP, Prolog, C#, JavaScript & Python. Though Kuba spent most of his 7+ year career as an ASP.NET/C# developer, for the past few months he's taken a deep dive in the (fascinating) world of JavaScript and is currently doing his best to earn the title of a JS Ninja. In the process he discovered the marvelous world of functional programming which resulted in experimenting with F# and Clojure. Having worked in a number of very different work environments (startup, small enterprise, big corporation), Kuba benefits from being able to approach programming challenges from different perspectives.
You can find Kuba on twitter (@kubawalinski). He has also recently launched his blog at http://blog.kubawalinski.com/.

It might be a surprise for some of you, but JavaScript can be regarded as a functional programming language. Why don't we use more functional programming concepts in our JavaScript code, then? In this talk you will learn how to start including some of them in your applications and when they might be particularly beneficial. You will also get familiar with libraries that extend the functional capabilities of JavaScript (lodash and FunctionalJS) and the upcoming ES6 features that make JavaScript even more functional.

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