Justin Leitgeb

Co-Founder and CTO, Stack Builders

Justin Leitgeb is Co-Founder and CTO of Stack Builders Inc. He has been in software development for over eighteen years and has worked as lead developer at start-ups as well as Fortune 1000 companies. Recently he has been focused on promoting the use of Haskell for web development both within Stack Builders and in the broader industry through blog posts and talks at universities.

In February 2014 I published a blog post titled, “Can Haskell Power the Next Ruby on Rails?” This post marked a shift in our company’s direction from Ruby consulting to creating applications for clients in Haskell. With this shift came both benefits and challenges to our development team and business. I will present some of the accomplishments and pain points during our experience with projects in Haskell, and discuss lessons learned which may be helpful to other companies considering a similar technical direction.

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