Gleb Bahmutov

JavaScript ninja, image processing expert, software quality fanatic

Gleb Bahmutov is JavaScript ninja, image processing expert and software quality fanatic. After receiving a PhD in computer science from Purdue University, Gleb worked on laser scanners, 3D reconstruction, and panorama-based virtual tours at EveryScape. Later Gleb switched to writing browser data visualization software at MathWorks. After a year, Gleb went back to the startup environment and developed software quality analysis tools at uTest (now Applause). Today Gleb is developing real-time financial analysis tools at Kensho. He blogs about software development topics at and links his projects at

You can follow him and his work @bahmutov

How do we convince / train developers used to imperative programming style to switch to functional or even reactive programming? I show the same example implemented in multiple styles to highlight the advantages one would get by going from imperative to object-oriented, functional, lazy evaluation, promise-based, event emitters, and finally reactive approach.

The short examples are in JavaScript - the most widely used functional language today.

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