Wojciech DurczyƄski

Scala developer. Senior designer at Comarch.

Wojciech is an experienced Scala developer. Working in Comarch R&D since 2006, currently employed as a senior designer. Wojciech is responsible for adopting Scala, Akka and other emerging technologies.
Co-author of reactive Scala-based application framework, based on Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Domain-Driven Design foundations, that simplifies writing scalable functional modules for Business Support System domain, used by greatest telecommunication operators across Europe.

Adopting new technology in a large company isn't easy. You have to deal with the legacy code as well as people’s reluctance to change and their old habits.
Migration from Java to Scala is a long process. It’s not only the changing of the language syntax, it is adopting a new way of programming - functional style.
It is easy to start programming in Scala but it can be quite difficult for object-oriented programmers to code well - without nulls, mutation of variables, loops etc.
I'd like to show some common pitfalls and examples of bad Scala practices with an emphasis on some problems with code interoperability between Java and Scala.
Also I'd like to present the benefits of using Scala compared to Java with some examples of how to rewrite complex Java code in a concise style that's much easier to understand and maintain.