Torben Hoffmann

Chief Technology Priest

Torben Hoffmann is CTO for Erlang Solutions. He has been active in the Erlang community for several years and has spoken at conferences world-wide. His first big Erlang related project was the introduction of Erlang as a technology to write a gateway in for Motorola Solutions in Denmark. Torben studied Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

In this talk we will present a number of common patterns from Erlang systems and how these patterns relates to business needs.

Most of the patterns revolve around the notion of how failure is handled and we will discuss how active treatment of failure leads to better options for the product owner when it comes to prioritising fixes and new features.

By modelling the patterns using OPM (Object-Process Methodology) we get a new way of talking about Erlang systems and architectures, which will make our thoughts and insights easier to share.

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