RafaƂ Pokrywka

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of VirtusLab

I’m a founder of VirtusLab - Krakow based software house where we are working with interesting technologies such as Scala to build useful software. I’ve been involved in various projects within fields such as natural language processing, data mining, stock trading, workflow and business process automation and a few more. Previously to starting my own company I had a chance to build test automation solution within quite big corporation – that is IBM. I’m constantly looking for an effective approach to software development with the use of lightweight methodologies such as Lean-Kanban. I’m still working on PhD at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. The main interest of my dissertation is again software development process. You can find me on Twitter: @rafalpokrywka or LinkedIn

Functional programming is now almost everywhere. That's good actually but traits like higher order functions, immutability or referential transparency doesn't build software by themselves. Software that is simply used in order to bring business benefits to it's users. That's still the end goal of software engineering - delivering solution that adds business value and brings the expected return on investment.
Functional programming have changed (finally) the way software is being developed but in this talk I will put under discussion how it changed delivering User value.

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