Jan Macháček

Technical director at Cake Solutions: #spring, #scala and #haskell hacker; lead of the Spring User Group and competitive cyclist.

Jan Machacek is a passionate technologist with hands-on experience with the practical aspects of software delivery (architecture, quality, CI, CD); the project management approaches (applying the principles of agile project management); mentoring and motivating the engineering & business teams. He shares his expertise and passion for software as the editor of the Open Source Journal, regularly contributes to open source projects and speaks at conferences in the UK and abroad. Jan is the author of many open source projects (various Typesafe Activators, Reactive Monitor, Akka Patterns, Akka Extras, Scalad, Specs2 Spring and others), books and articles.

Jan will show how to use RabbitMQ to connect components on different platforms. After a few introductory slides explaining the main concepts, the rest of the talk will be live code. The coding will begin by showing simple Scala / Akka code to connect to RabbitMQ to send and receive messages--think "java.lang.String" values back and forth to start with. We will then increase the complexity of the messages and marshal the messages into JSON. Jan will then show the real power of messaging infrastructures by replacing the RPC server component by native code in C++: we will write image processing component. To make matters even better--faster--we will then use CUDA to perform the image processing.
Come to Jan's talk and demo if you want to find out how to use Scala, Akka and RabbitMQ in the core of your application, especially if your application needs to tie together code on completely different platforms and if it performs heavy number crunching or image processing. You do not need to have deep knowledge of Scala, Akka, RabbitMQ, Boost, OpenCV, ...; all that you will need is your _inner geek_.