Jakub Oboza

In love with Haskell for years, experimenting with Scala, Clojure and Google Go. Working with Ruby and Erlang.

Jakub loves everything related to functional programming. Day to day he is working on a sms gateway writing software using Ruby and Erlang. In love with Haskell for years, currently experimenting with Scala, Clojure and Google Go.

Messaging systems are important part of our life. We use them every day in almost every single interaction with other people/systems via electronic devices. But how do we design and build such a system that has to handle millions of messages every day? In this talk I would like to say few words about each step of creating and handling such a system. From design decisions like choosing the language and the platform through building it and handling it in production. Decision on tools that you made will have a big impact on the final product and how it works on day-to-day basis.

We will talk about:

  • programming languages,
  • scalability of the platform and how it looks after a few years
  • fault tolerance with its benefits in day to day basis
  • operations costs and accessibility of programmers.

This talk walks through every topic each developer building messaging system will experience.

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