Daniel Krzywicki

Ph.D.\ student at the Department of Computer Science of AGH-UST

I am a Tech Lead at FaberNovel Technologies, where I work on hypermedia REST APIs, semantic web tooling, and distributed systems, mostly in Scala. I'm also a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science of AGH-UST. My research interests include agent-based computations, functional programming and distributed computing.

Evolutionary algorithms are a class of meta-heuristics used to solve hard optimization problems. The idea of evolutionary multi-agent systems (EMAS) introduces algorithms more similar to biological evolution than classical evolutionary methods. However, the possibilities of the existing implementations have been limited by the underlying technology, which is usually Java. 

In this talk, I am going to show how actors and functional patterns can be used to design fully autonomous and asynchronous agents. We will see that such multi-agent systems simulate biological processes even more closely, as changes in the population are continuous. On the occasion, we will also compare the performance of similar Scala and Erlang implementations.

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