Daniel Janus

Clojure developer at Citigroup. In love with functional programming

Daniel has been in love with functional programming languages ever since being exposed to OCaml in his freshman year at Warsaw University in 2000. He has since worked with Standard ML, Haskell, Scheme, Common Lisp and Clojure, which is now his preferred way of expressing thoughts as code. He lives in London, where he works as a Clojure developer at Citigroup.
When not coding, he can be found hiking, cycling, reading or playing Scrabble.

This presentation will show Smyrna [1], an easy-to-use concordancer for Polish.  Smyrna supports the creation and searching of custom-made corpora consisting of documents in HTML format, understands Polish inflection by performing morphological analysis, and produces lexeme frequency lists.  True tagging (i.e., disambiguation of homographs) and support for document metadata are currently being worked on.
Smyrna has been used for research work as well as an educational and demonstrative tool in some university curricula and at a Polish Festival of Science [2].

Smyrna is a desktop application that runs in a browser, with the backend implemented in Clojure and frontend in CoffeeScript.
In this presentation, I will show how unique features of Clojure contribute to Smyrna's ease of use and simplicity and help keep its source code small (well under a thousand lines of code).

 [1]: http://smyrna.danieljanus.pl
 [2]: http://www2.polon.uw.edu.pl/derwojed/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/seriwino-beamer.pdf