Aleksander Nycz

C++, Erlang, Scala developer

Aleksander is an experienced designer and developer who uses a variety of technologies and languages such as C++, Erlang, Scala. He has been involved in creating solutions for the biggest telecommunication operators in  Europe.
He loves all sorts of automated tests - functional but also performance and high availability. He contributes to Erlang/OTP project.

Finally Erlang has become a mature and widely used programming language. The most powerful Erlang functions focus on processes and messages, thus, developing soft-real time, high availability and scalable applications is easier and faster than ever before.
I would like to show you how to use Erlang to help develop real time applications in practice. I will also emphasize the strongest and the weakest language features. I would like to present some patterns and technical aspects that will help you develop and maintain real time applications, including: load regulation, background processes, consistency recovering, resource management, statistics and monitoring, and tracing. In brief, I will present how to create concurrent programs that “run forever”.

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