Michał Płachta

Makes things alive using computers. For fun and for living.

Polyglot software engineer specialised in developing distributed applications. Functional programming enthusiast. Loves the human component in software projects. Drinks a lot of tea. Has a blog at michalplachta.com. He currently works as team leader at Ocado Technology, where he is building actor-based software for automated warehouse.

You will learn how to cut your applications into isolated pieces. The talk is based on a multiplayer, purely functional version of Prisoner’s Dillema.

Our programs consist of business logic, communication, persistence & logging. We want to keep them apart and reason about each of them separately. Enter free monad. I will show you an application which uses pure DSLs & side-effecting interpreters. Then I will introduce Freestyle library and compare the free monad style to free applicative and tagless final.

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