Mary Sheeran

Hardware Design in Haskell

Mary Sheeran is an electronic engineer who fell for functional programming more than thirty five years ago. She pioneered the use of functional programming for hardware description, first in her doctoral thesis at Oxford University, and later in the Haskell-based Lava DSL (with Satnam Singh and Koen Claessen) at Glasgow University and at Chalmers University, where she has been a Professor since 1999. More recently, her work has targeted Digital Signal Processing at Ericsson using Feldspar, and GPU Programming using Obsidian. Her latest project is on programming FPGAs in Haskell. FPGAs are going to be everywhere, in the cloud, in processors, in data centres, and they are a pain to program. We need Haskell more than ever!

25 years ago John Hughes published "Why Functional Programming Matters", a manifesto for FP--but the subject is much older than that! In this talk we'll take a deep dive into history to revisit our personal selection of highlights.

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