Peer Stritzinger

Entrepreneur, Erlang Embedded and Automotive Expert @ “Peer Stritzinger GmbH”

Peer ported Erlang to Hard-Realtime Operationg system RTEMS ( He developed the Hydraprog automotive control unit flashing device which has been used successfully all over the world for over a decade. Since 2007 the firmware of the device is written mainly in Erlang - including protocol stacks for all existing automotive protocols. Currently developing industrial transport system controller with Erlang in a small embedded system. Initially mastered in Physics at the Technical University Munich, Peer has broad experience ranging from low level device drivers to functional languages in industrial and automotive applications. He has been working self employed as a developer since 1987. He did consulting work in applied cryptography and protocol design and implementation. Peer is currently living and working in the nice countryside west of Munich, Bavaria.

How to connect Elm on a Web client with Erlang on a Server in in a lightweight and low latency way using Websockets?  Don't want to have to pull in a whole Web Framework for this?  Now you can get use Elmer to just make your Elm front-end talk to your Erlang processes.

The use case shown is the start of a Web-IDE for a PLC component running on a embedded system written in Erlang.

PLCs are used to control everything from a simple garage door opener to complex industry transport system for manufacturing.   Traditionally they are programmed with a variety of graphical and textual languages using a IDE.   To be able to develop and debug such systems it is necessary to get realtime information about the internal variables and state of the actual embedded system.

We will give a short overview of Elm and how it fits well to the application domain, show how the Websocket communication was added to Elms internals and will demo the communication between Erlang and Elm.

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